Magicode is a code used in post-2004 Kinder Eggs, It was used to play or download goodies based on any series of toys, They can be scanned or type in the Magic Kinder website.

How magicode works

Originally, Magicode was serial-based, but later replace with QR-code like pattern to scan the pattern, After you type or scan the code, it will determine which of the goodies will be downloaded or played.

Version history

The first version of Magicode were based on a 10-digit serial number, it was used until the end of 2000s, where it was replaced by a QR-based code. In 2015, Magicodes were phased out and replaced by a simple QR code to the Magic Kinder website.


As of 2015, Magicodes and its QR-based version were removed in favor of Magic Kinder website.

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