Kinder Egg, Brown
Kinder Surprise, Kinder Joy

A Kinder Egg compared to a Kinder Joy Egg.


Kinder Egg boxes from 2004, when Kinder Eggs came in boxes. The pictures feature Kinderino skateboarding, learning in school, swimming, doing magic tricks and reading.

Kinder (German word for children) Egg is a popular and famous chocolate surprise egg that is part of Kinder Surprise and Kinder Joy Eggs and a product of Kinder Chocolate. It was first started in the German market and is banned in the United States due to a choking hazard. Even some older children like them.

The ExteriorEdit

The exterior is filled with chocolate and foil, In warm countries, to prevent melting, a soft and not rough shell is used

The InteriorEdit

Inside the Kinder Egg, It's covered with white chocolate which was easy to brake and melt, A plastic yellow capsule was included inside, It includes a toy, that is either very small or something the eater has to put together, and the instructions as well as, but only in Europe, the Magicode.

Female VersionEdit

The 'just for girls' edition of the Kinder Egg is not as popular, let alone famous. But it creates a strong mother-daughter relationship.

Toy GalleryEdit

Female Kinder Egg Edition Toy GalleryEdit

Kinder Egg themed toysEdit

Kinder Übberaschung On Tour! TruckEdit

A toy truck.

Bunny stuffed toyEdit

A plushie of the Kinder Surprise rabbit.
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