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Ferrero is a company founded in 1946, They continiusly manufactured from Nutella to Kinder Chocolate

History of Kinder SurpriseEdit

In the 1960s, The chocolate was originated from FelFort's "Jack" chocolate, But in 1972, Kinder Surprise was introduced before Germany, In 1974, Kinder Surprise was introduced in the German market and the rest of the world, But during 1974, CPSC warned that the product is banned permanently, During the days, Ferrero starts to promote Kinder Surprise with board games, software and a video game(KS-n-Kickin), In 2000s, Ferrero redesigned the shell, In 2004, Magic Production Group tooks the production of toys until today.

Kinder Surprise in the USAEdit

Since 1974, The CPSC has to avoid the eggs and confiscate it, due to a chocking hazard, The fine per egg is $2,500, The only way to get Kinder Surprise in USA is to go to Canada (except the American border).

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